About EBU

Economic Board Utrecht stimulates innovation and cooperation between companies, knowledge-based institutions and governmental organisations with the main goal to create a green, healthy and smart region.

On these themes, we set up collaborations that lead to innovation, job creation and economic growth. We accelerate initiatives by opening doors to knowledge, skills and funding. Our mission is to help Utrecht become the most green, healthy and smart economy of Europe.

EBU Brochure

Who we are
The Economic Board Utrecht was founded by governments, businesses and knowledge centres in the province of Utrecht and in the city of Hilversum. The EBU consists of a Board and a support organisation. The Board comprises of entrepreneurs, chairmen and scientists who together have set up the strategy for economic growth for the region. This strategy is written down in the Stepping Stones Agenda.

Why EBU?
For decades, the Utrecht region has been a successful and attractive region. This is not surprising, since the region has many benefits. Its central location, smart entrepreneurs, well-educated population, green environment and many historical cities and villages. According to the European Union, Utrecht is the most competitive region of Europe. This is great, however, the world, including Utrecht, is constantly changing.

Social challenges such as affordable health care and the depletion of natural resources demand for a new approach. According to us, the solution lies within enhancing cross sectoral cooperation and collaborations between companies, governments and knowledge institutions. By connecting these public and private partners we aim to transform societal challenges into new economic growth with the region of Utrecht as key to success.

Creating new products and services that make everyone’s life greener, healthier and smarter should ensure economic growth and increasing market share for Utrecht business.

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